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Rick Nelson Tribute Show

I was honored back in the late '80s to be asked by the Rick Nelson Fan Club (Best fan club in the world) to pay homage to him in a respectful touring tribute show  "We'll Never Forget".  
At first I felt like a fish out of water,  though after a while of performing his music and learning about him through friends and family, I became a huge admirer and fan.  Got to work with Jerry Lee Lewis, who became a friend and was oh so helpful and kind;  Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Freddy Boom-Boom Cannon, and others. Even though it seemed to take longer in makeup than the actual show, my band and I had a blast playing those ledendary rockabilly hits.  It all seems & was a lifetime ago and I had never thought to post a few of the photos, though with a bit of prodding from loved ones reminding me "it's all part of the  journey, the path",   well....